The Sage Crab Spring / Summer

Sweet, magnetic and captivating. Scented with poetry and almond granita. Lille Ferraro spring summer has arrived.

Taste of orange tulips and baked apples. In the air, the saltiness in your hair and bare feet in the fresh sand.

This season's creations are checkered and colorful kites. They flutter on hot summer days and then get lost in the sunny clouds. The selected fabrics are cotton and organic silks. The embroideries and collars are all hand made by skilled embroiderers.

The lines created will make you feminine, playful and modern. The creations designed bring back to past times. To the stolen kisses of adolescence, loud songs and bonfires in August under the starry sky.

I created this collection immersed in a pink garden of almond trees in bloom, among butterflies, dragonflies and sage-colored candles.

I often closed my eyes. I dreamed, I remembered, I was moved and I hoped with all of myself to be able to convey this little piece of poetry to you. We dreamed of creating it and giving it life. We grabbed a brush full of colored paints and turned it to the sky, creating a rainbow of colors.

For you, Lille Ferraro - Spring Summer

The crab of Lille and its meaning

The symbol is associated with nature and its cycles. His way of walking is an allegory of the journey of life. Sometimes we come across events that hinder us and hold back our progress. In that case the crab invites us to correct our steps.

Even if the others do not agree with his way of proceeding, he still arrives at the goal according to his plans. Following the natural flow of things and the rhythms of earth and water, it satisfies its needs in its own way.