Lille Ferraro sprang from the creative mind and eclectic, fanciful sketches of Luana Ferraro. The brand’s strength rests with the genuine materials used to create each collection. Natural raw materials and fibers combined with attention to the smallest detail are behind the brand that is the perfect marriage of art and fashion.

A fabric aficionado, Luana Ferraro, the brand’s founder and creative director, wants her creations made of only choice materials. “Every piece is an haute couture masterpiece to hold onto for years”. Gifted artisans with their expert hands make these unique, 100% Italian creations that can be customized.

Lille Ferraro, eco-friendly clothing


Q&A with Luana Ferraro

How did Lille Ferraro come into being?

When I created Lille Ferraro, I was steeped in the aromas and flavors of Paris. I lived in Place Saint-Sulpice in the heart of the St-Germain-des-Près neighborhood where the streets teem with art, fashion and culture. You could say that the first Lille Ferraro creations grew out of this period of full of intellectual and artistic inspirations.

What is the creative process behind a Lille Ferraro piece?

For me, the garments are like artworks painted on a white canvas. The uniqueness of every piece is very important to me. For this reason, I personally select and buy all the primary materials – fine fabrics made of natural fibers and manufactured using earth-friendly methods. The combination of a lively imagination and a careful attention to detail results in a contemporary, sophisticated and green brand.

Who else works behind the scenes at Lille Ferraro?

My grande squadra (great team), as I like to refer to them during meetings. The group is composed of artisans, fashion experts, pattern makers, tailors and weavers.

How would you describe the typical woman who wears Lille Ferraro?

A Lille Ferraro woman smells like lavender and cotton flowers. Her hair is loosely pulled back. She wears silk, cashmere and angora knee socks. She’s strong, sensitive and cosmopolitan.

What is the common thread running through the brand’s philosophy?

Every piece is made for women who aren’t slaves to the latest trends but know instinctively what they love and looks good on them.